Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Squidoo - Do You?

If you don't - you should. It's free. Not junky free - cool, good, worth-your-time, honest-to-goodness free.

You can publish a web page (called a "lens") on Squidoo, find the coolest information ever, and meet the greatest group of bloggers and real-life SMEs in the web publishing community at Squidoo. It's not just for techies, or literati, or even those people who don't know anything about life BC (before cellphones). Squidoo is a blogging community of thousands of people just like me or you, people of all ages from all over the world.

Squidoo is a cool place to hang out and learn about stuff or earn money for your favorite charity. You can even earn money for yourself. (Yes, she did say that WAH magic word - money.)

I'm about to celebrate a milestone at Squidoo. I started building lenses 1 year ago. I got so caught up in building cool lenses (addicted to Squidoo) that I became a Giant Squid in July 2008. And I'm building new lenses every week! You should build lenses at Squidoo, too. Did I mention it's free? And it's EASY! And Squidoo is for everyone.

Squidoo is my favorite place to share information and blog about what I know and love (clip art and coloring pages and crafts). I discovered Squidoo almost by accident, because (now don't laugh) even though I'm a baby boomer and I'm a female, I've always been a geek girl. So, now I'm a geek grandmother - but I'm never getting old - thanks to Squidoo.

Check out Squidoo and become a member - and start swimming with the Giant Squids. It will keep you happy and perhaps become your fountain of (regained/preserved/eternal) youth. One caution - you may very likely become a Squidoo addict.

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