Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fame and Fortune with Squidoo

How many search engine results do you think you'll find for the keyphrase "make money with squidoo"?

As of today Google listed about 14,900 pages. Among the top ten links to content is an article from Money on CNN featuring a concise overview of Squidoo and its revenue-sharing platform.

I recommend reading the CNN Money article if you're trying to get your tentacles round Squidoo to figure out how it can benefit you. It's an easy, concise read that gives you the essentials straight up.

Squidoo is the free Web 2.0 publishing platform for everyone, but it's not just a few hundred thousand little tadpole blogs swimming around in the online publishing pool. It's a community and a world of topics written by passionate experts - you, me and lots of the rest of the real people in the world. You'll find some big names on the Squidoo lensmaster list, and of course you'll find Giant Squids, Angels plus a whole lot more.

Grab your five minutes (or five lenses) of fame - join Squidoo.

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