Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Getting Started with Squidoo

If you blog but haven't started a lens (page) at Squidoo, what are you waiting for? If the thought of learning how to use it is holding you back, there's no reason to wait. Just visit one lens - A Primer on How-to Squidoo. It's the easy-peasy version, the "... for Dummies" intro to making a great lens at Squidoo, with all the essential info in one place.

As Jaguar Julie says in her intro, "Giant Squids and Squid Angels have reported earning a 4-digit monthly income. It can be done, but you've got to start someplace ... why not start here."

After you join Squidoo (for free, in less than 2 minutes) and start your first lens, come back here to visit the best of the best Squidoo links on this blog. They're all compiled to provide help and advice to newbie lensmasters who want to learn more.

Oh, I should mention the money you can earn. Yes, you can actually get paid for building good content lenses on Squidoo. If your lens(es) attract lots of attention (traffic) you'll earn more. Click here to learn about how Squidoo Payday works.

You can find more of my favorite lenses listed on my Squidoo profile - have a look!

PS: If you're interested in marketing with Squidoo, get your Google Goggles here.

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Jaguar Julie said...

Lee -- You are a dear for plugging my Primer on How-to Squidoo lens. I'm totally blown away at the lensmaster tools that Squidoo provides you and me as lensmasters to build our web pages for means of expression. I'm amazed at your blogging abilities. ;)