Saturday, August 2, 2008

The More I See, the More I Do

As I visit lenses on Squidoo I find so many interesting topics it gets hard to stay focused on my original intention. There are more than half a million lenses on Squidoo, with more hatching and growing every day. Topically I find Squidoo a rich playground of information from real people who are eager to share.

I like that. I love that. In fact, it's one reason I'm addicted to Squidoo. But I digress ...

As I surf through Squidoo looking for lenses from the lensmaster level, I find solid lenses about marketing, marketing with Squidoo lenses, and of course SEO (search engine optimization). I travel from lens to lens following links that lead me to excellent blogs and web sites filled with tips and tools for building, improving and making a living with Squidoo lenses. The quandry is not whether they are worth my time - they mostly are - the issue is really how to get through them all without burning out or neglecting my own lenses, my blog, or my web site.

Sigh ... it's the curse of being both right- and left-brained. I'll just have to grow another head.

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