Sunday, September 28, 2008

Squidoo Stats - September 28, 2008

An interesting thing happened today as I was preparing this blog entry. I stumbled onto the automated statistics update at Squidoo's data center ... I think.

I reviewed my Squidoo stats page at 9am (New York time) and snagged a copy of the top lens info to drop into notepad for a quick edit. After I finished editing, I opened up the stats page again to proofread my work and KAZAAM! the stats were different. Just shows you how up to the minute Squidoo is on its reporting. You always know how your lenses are doing ... and how much money you've earned, without lag time. (No, I don't show my earnings or my charity donations ... that's for me, Squidoo and the IRS to know. Trust me, they're not enough to be my only source of revenue but they've increased steadily every month, so who knows? I could be retiring early if the trend keeps up for a couple years.)

So, here are both versions of my stats for today, the version I grabbed at 9am (most likely the real-time stats from late yesterday) and the stats I grabbed at 9:32am.

Total Lenses: 72
Total WIP Lenses: 1
Total Featured Lenses: 71

Lenses in top 1000 today - 18 (19 at 9am)
Lenses in top 500 today - 13
Lenses in top 100 today - 1 (2 at 9am)

Top Lenses - 9am EDT

  • Coloring Fun for Adults-54
  • Clip Art Borders & Frames-98
  • Pirate Clipart and Graphics-117
  • Make Your Own Costumes & Masks-165
  • Pirates Coloring & Crafts-177
  • Coloring Book Collections-203
  • Halloween Graphics-206
  • Best Coloring Ever-267
  • Star Charts for Kids-293
  • Free Greeting Cards-303
  • Baby Clip Art-332
  • Paper Toys-420
  • Fairy Coloring Pages-440
  • Masquerade Costumes and Masks-549
  • Clip Art and Graphics-592
  • Christmas Crafts-702
  • Halloween Coloring Fun-781
  • Fairy Clipart-917

Top Lenses - 9:30am EDT
  • Coloring Fun for Adults-54
  • Clip Art Borders & Frames-109
  • Pirate Clipart and Graphics-124
  • Halloween Graphics-148
  • Make Your Own Costumes, Masks-158
  • Pirates Coloring & Crafts-181
  • Coloring Book Collections-205
  • Star Charts for Kids-208
  • Best Coloring Ever-275
  • Free Greeting Cards-311
  • Baby Clip Art-330
  • Paper Toys-415
  • Fairy Coloring Pages-452
  • Christmas Crafts-533
  • Masquerade Costumes and Masks-543
  • Halloween Coloring Fun-584
  • Clip Art and Graphics-622
  • Coloring Crafts Projects-767
  • Fairy Clipart-937

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