Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tsunami in Sea of Squidoo

This week's lens rank stats have been taking lensmasters on a wild ride. Lens ranks were up and down for a couple days and the forum boards were abuzz with theories about why things were so hectic and seemingly out of whack. As far as the Squidoo Lens Rank tsunami goes, developers confirmed it was related to a code change that didn't behave well. The whole wild ride and 2-day ranking shakeup really didn't have to do with the lenses themselves. It definitely wasn't caused by any last-minute lensmaster tactics at the end of the month.

The Squidoo lens rank wrinkles this week and the ensuing discussions reminded me of conversations that take place almost continually in the AdSense forum. In many postings, publishers and self-proclaimed experts speculate about secret machinations Google development is adding to the search algorithms - to their own page rank or results detriment, usually -and how to circumvent poor search results for any given web site or page.

Publisher success (having your page show up on page 1 in the top 10 results returned by Google or having a Squidoo lens in the top tier) is not rocket science and you don't need to pay anyone to tell you how to make it work. It comes down to content and quality, inbound links that bring in traffic plus having pages with appropriate keywords and valid meta data. The information about how to do this is freely available - just apply the lessons and tips with prudence and track your results to be sure what you're doing is working to meet your goals.

I don't play games or use special software or services to manage my web sites, blogs or Squidoo lenses. I simply build quality content for my audience and let the world know where to find it. And yes, if you build it (and market it properly) they will come. My top stats are visible every week on this blog; the results of playing fair and creating quality content are self-evident.

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Loyalis said...

Well said!

I'm always surprised at people who try to place blame for their rankings on google or squidoo or other people instead of taking a look at how they can improve their own content.