Sunday, January 18, 2009

Serendipity - Top 100 Squidoo Blogs

Today I discovered this blog listed in the Top 100 Squidoo Blogs. Cool. No, it's way cool.

I've been reading various Squidooer posts about the list and was thinking about sending along a request for review and BAM! (sorry Emeril) there I am, on the list and ranked at number 20 today.

Thanks, Pot Pie Girl, for creating the list and adding me to the rank roll.

How do you make the list?

You need to have a Quality Resource that's about Squidoo. PotPieGirl defines a quality resource with these 3 criteria:

1 - Give helpful hints and tips for Squidoo lensmasters
2 - Talk of the experience of BEING a Squidoo lensmaster
3 - Promote and educate others about the Squidoo community

The rest is magic. No, it's actually a computer generated rank listing and I have no idea what elements the algorithm uses to build rank or importance.

Just being on the list means this blog has relevance to the community, and I'm pleased to get that validation. As for getting this blog to appear higher on the list, I'm just going to keep posting my Squidoo stats and marketing experiments and quality resources on this lens.

A key part of the Squidoo experience is sharing what you learn with lensmasters and potential lensmasters (if you haven't yet signed up, you can join Squidoo now with my personal referral).

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Teddi14 said...

My blog
is on the list too. It is pretty cool huh? Congrats to you!