Monday, January 12, 2009

Squidoo Stats - January 12, 2009

I've decided to modify how I report my progress / lens rank on Squidoo. I'll still post the number of lenses I've completed, list how many are in the top 1000 and 500, and also note the movers and shakers. I'll link to the top lenses as always, and focus on marketing experiments and new ideas than just numbers. Hopefully the new posts will provide you with a bit of insight to the community, and how you can make money with Squidoo while having a bit of fun.

Total Lenses: 83
Total WIP Lenses: 4
Total Featured Lenses: 79

Lenses in top 1000 today - 17
Lenses in top 500 today - 9
Lenses in top 100 today - 1

Lens Rank and a New Lens - The Valentine Lens Experiment

I published a new lens last week, Crafts for Kids - Valentine Crafts - my 79th lens.

Valentine Crafts for Kids is a niche lens in the Family category (3992), and it's ranked way near the bottom of the pile (150,984) because it has no incoming links yet, and no traffic yet. It is cross-linked within Squidoo via lensrolls. Because it's a seasonal lens, I don't expect it to rank high all year long. However, I do expect it to generate interest and traffic during the month or so before Valentine's Day, and for about a week afterward. I've built it and published it now to observe how my SEO and marketing tactics will affect the lens traffic and lens rank.

So far, no traffic which is typical of a new lens. This week I will request a critique of this lens in the SquidU forum and also add incoming deep links from my web sites and blogs.

Stay tuned for this week's progress report on Crafts for Kids - Valentine Crafts.

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