Friday, January 30, 2009

Technorati Hooks to Squidoo

Technorati can only handle "true blogging platforms," so for now, Technorati doesn't <3 Squidoo lenses. It took some time (time I didn't really have to spare) wading through the support forum for me to find the answer. I had all but written off the big green T because every time I tried to submit a lens it got spit out as a potential spam URL - huh?

When the same thing happened with this blog, I hunkered down and pushed a support ticket through requesting a blog review and correction. That got the bogus spam-url curse lifted from this blog, and then I was able to locate more info in the forum about Squidoo lens submission problems.

So what's a lensmaster to do? Well, hope that the two can play together in the future and for now, build a blog on a platform that Technorati can read and rate, then hook it to your Squidoo lens. Blogger is free, generates lots of link juice, and it plays well with Technorati and Squidoo.

There, now play nice ...


Anonymous said...

Technorati is a little overrated in my opinion. And they update very erratically no matter how often you ping them. I had one blog that I published regularly though despite pings technorati showed as unupdated for over 6months, I've also had feedback from a number of people who share this experience.
It may be nice if squidoo can plug-in to technorati, but not sure if it will happen some time soon

Katinka - spiritual said...

Thanks for that post. I had no clue that you had to submit a support ticket through requesting a blog review and correction. Two of my blogs (on squidtop) are seen as spam as well for now. Time to get that corrected I guess.

Pastiche said...

Re: Technorati and relevance - agreed. I tend to not use it as much as other services because of the slow pings and the problems with so-called "spam" flags. I'm planning a Technorati experiment ... in a future series of posts on this blog.