Friday, January 23, 2009

Valentine Lens Experiment, Day 12

Lens rank - 170
Family Category Rank - 6

What I Did Today
  • Posted wall comment about this experiment on Facebook Squidoo Lensmasters Group
  • Keyword research - alt niche search engine positions, ie Yahooligans
  • Link research - inbound leads, content-related exchanges
  • Added link to a new crafts collection site
Keyphrase Tracking
Yahoo takes forever to index new sites, so I don't expect to see p1-10 results this month.
Live search seems to like hubpages and buzzle better than squidoo ... I'm looking at AOL but it's a derivative of Google so I don't consider it a valid comp. So far no loss of SERP for my web sites and other Valentine's Day lenses.
  • valentine crafts for kids
    Google: 35 out of 358,000

  • kids valentine crafts
    Google: 28 out of 322,000

  • valentine papercrafts
    Google: 46 out of 1,340,000

  • kids valentine designs
    Google: 6 out of 393,000

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