Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Valentine Lens Experiment, Day 17

Lens Rank -122
Family Category Rank - 6

This lens hit the top 100 earlier this week, but it's now dropped down a bit. This is normal behavior, especially with a highly seasonal lens (and a brand new one at that). There's still a chance it will rise again, assuming other Valentine lenses aren't in more demand at Squidoo and it continues to bring in higher traffic levels.

Incoming traffic from Google is strong, and other engines built on Google technology are picking up this lens and delivering traffic as well.

The keyphrases I'm tracking improve a bit every day. This, too, is related to the seasonality of this lens. I expect to see declines in lens rank and SERP around February 16.

Cannabilization hasn't been heavy on my web site page ranks. On Squidoo I'm competing a bit with myself (with respect to my more mature Valentine lenses) for lens rank.

What I Did Today to Promote This Lens
Keyphrase Tracking
  • valentine crafts for kids
    Google: 24 out of 362,000

  • kids valentine crafts
    Google: 18 out of 392,000
  • valentine paper crafts
    Google: 34 out of 388,000
  • kids valentine designs
    Google: 4 out of 401,000

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