Saturday, January 31, 2009

Valentine Lens Experiment, Day 20

Lens Rank - 244
Family Rank - 13

Lens traffic is on the upswing again, and so is overall lens rank. It's prime time for kids to make Valentine crafts - 14 days until Valentine's Day

Keyphrase Tracking
  • valentine crafts for kids
    Google: 23 out of 355,000

  • kids valentine crafts
    Google: 19 out of 343,000

  • valentine paper crafts
    Google: 46 out of 416,00

  • kids valentine designs
    Google: 7 out of 425,000
What I Did Today to Promote This Lens
  • Added link to a folded paper craft heart project found on a popular crafts blog
  • Posted a comment with a link to my lens at the blog project page above

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