Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine Lens Experiment, Day 31

Today is a banner day - Crafts for Kids, Valentine's Day Crafts climbed into the Squidoo top 100 for the second time. Today marks 1 month since I launched the Valentine Lens Experiment, and just over a month since I first published the lens at the heart of it all.

3 Days Until Valentine's Day

Lens Rank - 96
Family Rank - 3

Side Note
Today is a very special day in my family because it's my older daughter's birthday. Trish has always been my special Valentine, and she's the mom of my 2 terrific grandkids, Bella and "the Bean." My personal experiences raising two daughters provided the original inspiration for building a parenting web site in the mid-1990's. What started as a learning experience in 1995 grew into a passion.

I kept expanding and enhancing the site, growing it from a few pages to a huge site with thousands of articles, free downloads and paper craft printables. It's served me well as a sandbox for SEO and marketing on the Internet. As a pre-blog, pre-web 2.0 platform, it provided s a creative outlet where I could share my clip art, coloring pages and craft patterns. During a 2007 review of inbound links to Pastiche Family Portal I discovered Squidoo, and I've been building lenses ever since. It's been a wonderful experience that continues to excite and challenge me every day as an artist, writer and marketer.

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