Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine Lens Experiment Wrap-Up

Hit Squidoo Top 100 in 30 days

The final stats are rolling in for Crafts for Kids-Valentine Crafts and the lens is still in the Squidoo top 100. Today it's at 46 overall ... that's a climb from nowhere to 46 in just over 30 days.

Read the Valentine Lens Experiment posts in this blog to follow my step-by-step process for creating and promoting a niche lens.

Be aware, however, that a seasonal lens like Crafts for Kids-Valentine Crafts won't remain at the top of the stack all year long. It will enjoy a day (or couple months) in the sun near the top of the mountain at Squidoo, then move back from the spotlight until the calendar rolls around again (and marketing efforts push it up once again).

There are lessons to take away from this bit of insight. I'll share those in upcoming posts.

It's all here, it's not rocket science -it's marketing savvy.

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