Saturday, March 14, 2009

Add Another Revenue Stream

If you're maxed out with Google ad spot positions on your web site or blog but you have available ad spots to fill, you may find a good solution with Chitika. It's similar to Adsense and Yahoo except it serves ads only to visitors who arrive on a page from a search string. Instead of spidering the content of your blog, lens or web site and then serving ads based on the content results, Chitika displays ads that match closely the keyword(s) used to find your page.

Chitika publisher ad formats are standard and controls are similar to Adsense. You can place your ad format codes wherever you want on the page. And, you can use Chitika in conjunction with Adsense. Even better, you can set Chitika to collapse to nothing if there are no matching ads available in inventory or instead of losing the ad slot revenue, you can display any URL of your choice, including a bit of Adsense code or a self-branding image or text.

I'm currently testing Chitika ad formats on one web site. I'll have a report of my findings in a couple months. Leave a comment if you've tried and and have results to share.

Follow this link to check it out for yourself. Get Chitika Premium

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