Monday, April 13, 2009

Squidoo Rock Stars

We all get our 15 minutes of fame, or so it seems. If you're active on Squidoo you most likely know who the most visible lensmasters are and perhaps follow them on the forum. You can find their various blogs and have seen their comments on your lenses or on lenses you visit and rank. Moreover, you probably know who the most helpful lensmasters in the community are; you may have even been helped by one or more as you've learned to swim in the Squidoo sea.

Mimi (GrowWear) has a TwittrStrm ongoing contest running where you can nominate and/or vote for your favorite by giving him/her a Squidoo Rockstar shout-out - check it out and express yourself.

1 comment:

MiMi said...

Thank you so much for this mention and for visting the lens and commenting. Thought it was a good idea to have a place to be able to go to and give a shout-out to those people who have "made our day" so to speak. All are invited to drop in and thank someone any time they feel the need. :)