Sunday, November 22, 2009

Accidental Celebrity

Each week (approximately, life sometimes takes precedence) I post my top lens stats on this lens. I have no guarded secrets to success, and I don't write regularly about my strategy. I just do what works - and it happens to be the same tips for success that Seth and Megan and countless others share on Squidoo. Write about what you know and have passion for, then promote it responsibly.

Well, surprise to me! I had another brief flash of fame last week. My Squidoo success was the feature of a blog post by one of my favorite lensmasters, GreekGeek. And, then Squidoo lensmaster kab blogged about International Day of Peace on The Squid Calender and mentioned two of my lenses: Peace Coloring and Peace Crafts.

If you follow this blog (and there are only a handful of folks as far as I know) I'm grateful. And I thank you! I enjoy reading your comments and will continue to post my top lenses on a more or less regular basis. From time to time I share an experiment of my own. I conducted a public Valentine lens experiment earlier this year.

In early 2009, I created a new lens for Valentine's Day: Crafts for Kids-Valentine Crafts. For 30 days I documented this lens's content updates, Google SER status and lens rank progress of this highly seasonal niche lens. More importantly, I listed each of the steps I took to take Crafts for Kids-Valentine Crafts from first publish to the Squidoo Top 100 in less than 30 days.

I have a lot to be thankful for this year. I finally earned more than I ever have since I left my old career with all its pressure, stress and endless travel. I have a new, healthy grand child. I have no debts and I bought a new car after 12 years. Now, at the end of the year, this accidental celebrity is humbling but it feels pretty good.

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