Tuesday, August 6, 2013

No DMCA Today

Sunday I'd had enough of the TOS violation games played by certain LM on S-doo. My work is protected by very clear TOS and US copyright. I debated on whether to ratchet up my polite abuse report to a DMCA letter to Google, but I took an interim alternate path and requested via email that someone pay attention NOW so I wouldn't have to contact Google to protect my copyright on digital graphic assets.

Well, although I got no reply from HQ or the invisible team behind the mask curtain of fair play, the offending page's status changed to "unpublished" - not locked - unpublished.

If I discover my work used without license, credit or hotlinked from any page on any site, I do not hesitate to report the page, regardless of where it's used. I've filed many DMCA complaints, with Google, Zazzle and a handful of other sites. Here's hoping the walk is in step with the talk ...

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