Monday, August 19, 2013

The Temporary Separation is in Progress

I've decoupled my S-doo profile from my G+ identity, at least on the S-doo end. This is a test to see if my long-indexed pre-S-doo online properties can recover traction that's been lost in the past several months.
That downslide could be a coincidence, or could be related to the P monsters and age of my content, but I doubt it.

The other side of the connection - removal of  links from my G+ profile to lenses - will happen this week. Then I watch the stats at both ends for a month or so.  Not sure if there will be any change, and I realize there are other factors that influence traffic to my web sites and blogs, both seasonal and technical. But at this point, any test provides me with marketing insight.

My S-doo rankings are a bit better, although I'm discovering that if I open a lens that's fine it might not be okay once it's scanned on edit. So, will this get me to do what is obvious the still-there gamers have done (ignore editing/updating lenses and keep stealing lens rank)?  Probably not.

More later on the results of this short-term experiment ...

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