Thursday, August 29, 2013

Traffic update, week 1

Just checked my web site traffic stats and it's recovered by about 25% over last week. This is aggregate for 3 sites, so it's only a rough benchmark but all 3 sites are doing better. Some of the uptick my be seasonal - school in the northern hemisphere is back in session, August and September weddings.

While it's not a big increase and far lower than it was 3 years ago,  it's an upward traffic trend and that's what I'm looking for. I need a minimum of 10K per day to meet sustainability targets.

So I'll monitor for another week and report back. Analysis over more time may show the disconnect from G+ made a difference - or not. The below graph is from one site only, the past 6 days - Pastiche Family Portal. The traffic dip on weekends is typical for the site.
Traffic Trend Aug 22 to 29 (am) PFP

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