Sunday, August 4, 2013

What Would You Do?

What would you do if you repeatedly found TOS violations and reported them but no action resulted? S-doo staff have been very clear on multiple occasions about the proper/legal method for use of outbound links from lenses, particularly links leading to content pages offering graphics or PDFs. When I discover my original clip art, coloring pages or PDF content elements directly linked I request a correction from the author and in the past as an angel offered advice on proper use.

Today I discovered yet another case of rampant direct links to many images (mine included)  on a single thin-content lens that's in Tier 1. I've corresponded in the past with this LM, who certainly knows better but continues to edit and 1) not trip low quality filters 2) not get notified/locked about inappropriate content use.

What would you do if you filed a report and got no action? I've clicked the button and filed the standard abuse report. I got the autoresponder mail even though my report noted copyright violations on my own images. I've written directly to contentconcerns requesting action on the lens in question. If that fails to get the appropriate action - locking -  I will question how the lens is being updated regularly and not hitting the low quality filter or being locked.

If all the above fails, I'll be contacting Google to file a DMCA complaint. I own the copyright to at least one of the images and the site that's being hit by these links to non-html pages is my own for which I pay hosting fees. My TOS state very clearly that hotlinking is not allowed.

If S-doo can play hardball, so can I.

What would you do?

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