Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Best Lens Can't Get an Update

Today I ran into a brick wall when I tried to update my best ranked lens. I can't see anything in the workshop editor when I am logged in and try to edit the page.  I don't even get a ranking, so I am assuming the filters are jamming on the page. I can see the published version fine if I'm not logged into Squidoo, but if I am logged in, the entire page frame that usually appears to surround the content is just gone. Like a simple minded mobile page, but without any Squidoo identity or links or advertising. I've reported this as a weird bug - and of course have tried various browsers and done the usual cache dumps.

Somethings not right ... I can open other lenses and they don't misbehave. So I am stuck unable to update the #21 lens on Squidoo. I hope this gets fixed by tomorrow.

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