Thursday, January 2, 2014

Working through the muck to find the fun factor

Those high-ranking Squidoo articles (lenses) that were trapped in no edit limbo got out of jail finally and have been updated while still making sales. Once the edit bug was fixed, that #21 lens returned to #10 or so and it remains there. After a few days off for Christmas with the hubster, I've been working my way down the list of 216 pages I've authored at Squidoo to add new content and revise tags. Unfortunately, I've just hit a couple that aren't going to get updates because they're just not worth it and several that are worthy of updates, but when opened in the editor they suddenly drop to low quality, so I'm leaving them alone, too. This one deserves new content, as does this one - and I have the content but not hours to spend on each one trying to satisfy the phantom philters.

I'm making plans to move the content to my own pages and remove them from Squidoo at some point. For now, they're static pages (Google won't like that unless they get popular and into conversational connections) but they're still producing traffic so as far as I'm concerned they can remain in my porfolio until I get my other work caught up. Which may take 6 months or more because ...

Over in the real world, I have major tag changes to develop and implement for my own web sites so that I can use a new system of ad slot management. My web sites contain thousands of content pages that will need hand updates, so it's a big chore.  PLUS I have to learn the software/ad management dashboard before I can tackle the revamp. The ad system changes alone will consume most of the first months of this year.

Besides all the tech work and a possible site design revamp and I need to get more of my creative work onto Zazzle  and may be developing more niche shops over the summer. I would love to make some YouTube videos and even publish some of my coloring pages into a book. So, there's no shortage of work here. I'm trying to prioritize and schedule my income-producing activities based on their short- and long-term potential for payback (time=money). And any project I tackle must include at least a bit of the fun factor. If something's not fun, I tend to procrastinate a bit - unless it jeopardizes income. Ideally, I can have fun, be creative and make a living ... so:

Along with making new art and designing new crafts, I will be writing more new articles to go along with my crafting and gardening projects. Life is never boring - I just wish it wasn't cluttered with unnecessary work every few weeks.

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