Friday, September 5, 2014

Waiting for the river to run uphill

I've cleaned house over at Squidoo, and am down to 197 lenses. We;re  eager to set up our new home at How many of those surviving feature stories from the first winnow will make it as hubs depends on 1) their condition after they've been run through the automatic file conversion process and 2) how much work it will take to make them as good as they are on Squidoo.

The conversion/migration will transform lenses into hubs with some potential loss of content. If you aren't familiar with  the jargon lenses and hubs, they're simply the names for the article style format lingo used to describe single pages published on the two platforms. My lenses-turning-into-hubs are original content articles I wrote over the past seven years and hope to continue curating for several more years.

I'm following reports from various online writer friends whose files have already moved from the old to the new publishing platform. I'm estimating I'll probably have 3 to 4 months of heavy editing and reorganization to whip my content files into a new writing style, including removing product sell modules and links to favorite resources because the rules are tighter at HP for outbound linkage and enhanced HTML coding.

Hopefully my best and most popular work (by traffic, not sales volume) will survive the editing process after the conversion/migration. Some articles may move to new homes; others will simply go away to my personal archive.

Here's hoping my online portfolio will be bigger and brighter as Lee Hansen at

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