Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hello World - I"m Officially a Hubber

I've got nearly all my old articles from S*doo tidied up and rocking happily over at Hubpages.

I transferred 197, then deleted a couple more as I worked my way through the list of files, so I have a total of 195 articles there now. These are mainly evergreen topics, written from 2007 through 2013, and updated at least once a month. They don't get stale because I treat them like mini-websites, pruning and planting with new goodies just as I do in my gardens. I have plans to start new articles for Hubpages and Zujava in 2015.

Because I still have a few HP articles with red skulls - probably because of too many links to my free content or to related items Zazzle and Amazon -  I'll get those fixed by the end of the grace period.  For now they're doing okay, they're not high traffic pages at this time of year because they're seasonal and I frankly  don't want to spend precious editing time on them when I need to  take care of my own hosted sites and blogs, and keep my new creative freebies and Zazzle designs flowing and growing.

I'm sure if you're a former Squidoo writer you're wondering about traffic and money at HP. Both are dismal compared to what I averaged before the move, even poor compared to what I earned as the orange squid was swirling in  its predicted death whirlpool. But I'm not giving up yet. Google is always changing, Bing sometimes gets smarter, and there are other fertile grounds for sharing (Pinterest, Polyvore).

There are many contributing factors to evaluate. The referral traffic from Google organic search (not so great) and Pinterest (quite good and growing).  I'm working on making new, Pinterest-friendly intro images for each and every hub/article, and I think that's helping.

Here's a snapshot of my traffic sources grabbed today at Hubpages (

My Bing traffic is right now better than Google on HP, so there's definitely a problem with the domain or subdomain index cred right now. My web site traffic for the same niche topics is increasing, and has been for 6 months. The latest Penguin crawl hasn't hurt my websites this week; it seems to have helped slightly.  I get far more traffic on my web sites than on HP. Far more. But only 1/10th of what I was generating a few years ago.

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