Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hubpages Update

It's been 3 months since my articles on Squidoo became articles (aka hubs) at Hubpages. In that time I've been hammered with edits to nearly 200 pages in order to prevent them from becoming unpublished.

I worked hard to get those articles into acceptable shape according to HP requirements well before the quality assessment deadling (today) so I was done with the updates and actually see some traffic to thos hubs. The deadline was set for all Squidooers who shifted to Hubpages back in late August and early September. January 15 is the last day of the "grace" period allowed for us to edit our articles to conform to the different - though not necessarily better - rules for written work on that platform.

As of today, I have no "red skulls" and no unfeatured hubs. But it seems with each turn of the calendar page there's a new issue - much as it was at Squidoo - that causes problems with certain articles or topics or tactics.

 For now I'm not concerned about / impressed by incoming traffic, but if my top articles (like this one, which has garnered more than 11K visits in the past 30 days on this troubled site ) get attacked for unknown reasons, at this point I will remove them and bring the traffic to another site.  That article alone used to get far more traffic on Squidoo, even when the site was in Titanic mode.

I've whittled my HP portfolio down to 192 articles, some of which I really have little affection for because they were created in reaction to pressure from Squidoo staff and not my own ideas. I  will probably remove more of my work from the site in the next few months if I decide to narrow my niche topics or there's no improvement in traffic and yes, sales.

It is about money, no matter what they try to preach. And I know more about marketing, writing for your audience and SEO than most of the "professionals" on staff there, so ... you get the picture.

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